Westerville, OH


Thank you for the excellent ChiRunning Workshop.  I had no idea what to expect and it was a great experience.

Your instruction was very clear.  I learned so much the first night standing and getting connected with the alignment of my body.  I appreciate the fact that we practiced each lesson enough times for me to remember it when I got out on the roads to try a run on my own.  Your explanation that this is a practice that will improve my running over time was also helpful.  So instead of expecting a complete change, I am incorporating the ChiRunning lessons a little at a time and watching the improvements.

The two biggest improvements so far are in my speed with much less effort (YAY!) and in controlling my back pain.  I struggled with a disk problem for the last year and I really believe that what I learned in your class will help keep my back healthy for many years of running.  Thank you again!

Sue Markovitch
Personal Trainer

Westerville, OH

The concept and practice of Chi walking and running is a great "find," I feel privileged and fortunate to be a part of your program, especially at this phase in my life. Like you said, we have built up habits or methods over this many years that are counter to the Chi principles, making it a challenge to stay the course.  It's a constant battle to check how you're doing, but when I do it, I am always better for it. I even battle my mind, which at times I tell myself (when the run gets tough) that the "old way" is okay. But I've been able to overcome it most of the time, proving it wrong. I believe I eventually will convince myself that it will be unnatural to not do it the Chi way.  

This email is to let you know that I appreciate the time you are spending with me and that it's been a great benefit to advancing my enjoyment of running. Lord knows we don't have many things to "truly enjoy" these days.  

Thank you, 


Jerry Magginnis

Dublin, OH


  I became aware of Chi Walking after knee surgery when my PT suggested that I had to change my walking style to avoid further knee pain.  He suggested I contact Doug Dapo and after the four hour walking lessons, I am a total convert to this mechanically sound way of walking.  Doug is an excellent teacher, explaining in clear, visual terms first about correct posture, then slowly progressing through Chi Walking mechanics ending with a faster walking pace accompanied by a metronome. I found him interesting to listen to, easy to follow, and supportive of my progress.    Now, I always "Chi Walk".  The traditional heel strike walk doesn't feel natural any longer. 


Betsy Morrison 

Charleston, WV

After reading the chi running book and watching the DVD, I was very much interested in a chi running workshop.  I found Doug to be very knowledgeable in the chi running techniques and his workshop to be quite beneficial.  He was very thorough with individual instruction in all areas of chi running.  I particularly benefited from the section on hill running.  He video taped me running and it was enlightening to actually see my running form.  I realize that mastering all the chi running techniques is a process and I feel that Doug has been an important part of that process for me.

Judy Parsons 

Akron, OH

As far as the ChiRunning experience, I really enjoyed it. It was very useful to see and practice techniques with you and to receive feedback. I'm now much more aware of my mistakes and try to correct them all the time. I ran 10 minutes faster in Akron than in Cleveland, notwithstanding the hills, and that is due to ChiRunning. Plus, I did not have any post-race pain of any sort. Thanks again for all your useful information.

Donatella Salvadori

Columbus, OH

I thought it was a very good class that brought the fundamentals explained in the ChiRunning book to life right in front of me.  Doug was very energetic and knowledgeable and provided helpful guidance that I was able to immediately implement in my running.  I would highly recommend his class.

Brandon Huff

Wilmington, OH

Dear Doug,

Reading a book is one thing, but to have that book brought to life and to be able to practice what you are attempting to learn with a knowledgeable and energetic instructor is the perfect way to go.  This journey to better understanding the Chi Walking principles will help me walk healthier and pain free.  Thank you also for putting to rest the theory of "no pain, no gain" as something I should remove from my vocabulary.  Slow and steady improvement will win the race to a healthier life.

Doug, my back thanks you and I thank you for a great experience. 

Brenda Day